Buffalo Starbucks Workers Makes History | Her Campus

Employees at the Buffalo-area Starbucks joined together and fought to form a union, making it the first of 8,000+ corporate Starbucks locations in the US to unionize. The second Buffalo location voted against unionizing while the third got the majority vote for unionizing, but the results aren't fine due to a problem with the individual ballots.

Workers at the three location filed petitions back in August to join a union because of the company chronic understaffing problems that have led to a c

The Faults of Diversity in Reality TV | Her Campus

I started my obsession with reality TV with Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette season; The first Black bachelorette after 33 seasons. While I dipped and dabbled casually as my mom watched, seeing someone that looked like me have an opportunity to find love and be loved publicly brought me in.

A dark skin Black woman taking the lead in a dating reality show has never been heard before 2017 and throughout the following three years, we have seen the casting reflect the American melting pot more accurat

Returning Back To Your Spirituality Roots | Her Campus

Between a pandemic, government failures and a racial injustice, people have turn to spirituality for answers.

Spiritual practices such as astrology and tarot have become more prominent amongst young people because of social media and trendy apps. Now more than ever, it is easier to go down the spiritual rabbit hole because of the wealth of information that is readily available at any time.

With spirituality rising in popularity from social media, many started to associate spiritual practices w

The Game Changing Update For Animal Crossing | Her Campus

Animal Crossing unexpectedly dropped the 2.0 update on November 3rd and the massive amount of content and gameplay took every player by surprise. People all over the world have played Animal Crossing New Horizon almost every day since April 2020 and after experiencing every holiday, special event, and catching all the fish and bugs, the game became very stale. It felt like a chore opening up the game but the latest and final update sucked everyone back in.

Here is what everyone thought was the

Stan Culture is Here to Stay | Her Campus

In this new age of oversharing, fans have felt more connected to their favorite artists through Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook and more. While the term "stan" can be traced back to Eminem, many have referred to it as a 'stalker' and 'fan'. In the last 20 years, it has become a good thing to be committed to showing up and going all out for a artist on the Internet.

The most well-known fanbases are the Barbz, Beyhive, Swifters and Little Monsters. With big fanbases like these, they are able

Why Sims 4 Modders Are Actually Saving The Game? | Her Campus

Let's be honest, with The Sims currently having no clear competition and Paralives is months away from their debut, EA has dropped the ball when it comes to the Sims 4. While Maxis is trying to play catch up with the community demands, the monthly updates still leave the gameplay feeling hollow and empty. Sims 4 modders have taken the game and given players a whole new experience through new content, cheats and shortcuts that enhance the aesthetic and gameplay.

Maxis latest update gave players

Jackson Memorial Hospital nurses take on Texas

Three Jackson Memorial Hospital nurses traveled to Texas to work with COVID-19 patients. They got to experience a new environment, financial gain and a snowstorm.

When the pandemic took a turn for the worse in June, many hospitals in states such as New York, Texas and California were in desperate need of nurses. These Jackson staff nurses were contacted, and they took the opportunity.

Rocky Salmon spent two weeks as a telehealth nurse before heading to Texas.

“I believed that Texas needed my

Will Magic City Innovation District improve or damage Little Haiti? (includes video story)

A growing number of businesses in Little Haiti are struggling to keep their lights on as a developer pursues its plan to build an 18-acre commercial and residential project.

The Magic City Innovation District project, which was approved by Miami commissioners last year, will be built in phases over the next 15 years.

The developer said it wants to help revitalize the neighborhood by building a community with technological and environmental features that will help boost businesses and create a